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The TTR Tale

The inspiration and vision for Tall Tales Ranch is our son, Ross. He is a 20 year-old cowboy at heart, who is living in Colorado with an acquired brain injury...

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The Ranch

The vision of Tall Tales Ranch is unique, primarily because it is designed to benefit one and all. Not only do we want to build a community where adults with special...

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Word from Jonah

Word from Jonah

Hi everyone! I'm Jonah; the Director of Operations of Tall Tales Ranch. Here at the Ranch, our dream is simple: To provide a place of open doors for your loved one...

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Support Us

In order to make Tall Tales Ranch a
reality, and change the lives of adults
living with disabilities, we need
your support...

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The Short Story

Tall Tales Ranch will be designed for adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as community and staff members who wish to live, work, and volunteer in a truly diverse community.
We are in the process of solidifying a partnership with Schweiger Ranch, in Lone Tree, Colorado. Tall Tales Ranch would be located on the 38-acre property at I-25 and Ridgegate-in the heart of the Ridgegate community.
Another good question, and one that will evolve as our resources grow. We will tackle this project in the following phases.

Phase I: Build the foundation of the Ranch from a financial, programmatic, and sustainability standpoint.

Phase II: Focus on fundraising and to build relationships that will help fund the construction of the Ranch.

Phase III: Move Ranchers and Ranch Hands in, implement our programs, and begin to live happily ever after.
  • Mission

    Tall Tales Ranch is dedicated to providing a life sharing community where both people with and without disabilities can live in a supportive, cooperative environment that honors their individuality, celebrates their uniqueness and helps them to reach their full potential.
  • Vision

    To provide an alternative living experience, designed to enhance the lives of adults living with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and to give their loved ones comfort knowing that they are always well cared for, challenged, productive and appreciated for who they are. By sharing life and work with people who are not living with disabilities, and by connecting with the community, Tall Tales Ranch will be an open place where all will come to be in nature, work with the earth, express their creativity and experience true diversity in action.
  • Volunteer

    If you would like to help us build Tall Tales Ranch, please check out our volunteer opportunities on the Support Us page and fill out our contact information form.

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The Head Honchos

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